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Bus rental economy and premium in Kharkov and the region. The price of renting a bus in the city with a driver. The choice of buses to order it in the city or in the country ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Order a bus for 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 people (places)

Price and tariffs for renting a bus:

Аренда Спринтер / Варио

Тип автобуса  Спринтер / Варио
 Количество мест  до 30
 Цена по городу (4+2)  от 300 грн/час
 Цена за городом  от 8 грн/км
 Дополнительно Кондиционер | DVD | Туристический салон
 Заказать  +38 050 021 21 21


Тип автобуса  MAN / NEOPLAN
 Количество мест  до 50
 Цена по городу (4+2)  от 600 грн/час
 Цена за городом  от 20 грн/км
 Дополнительно Кондиционер | DVD | Туристический салон
 Заказать  +38 050 021 21 21


Тип автобуса  VAN HOOOL / SETRA
 Количество мест  до 85
 Цена по городу (4+2)  от 800 грн/час
 Цена за городом  от 25 грн/км
 Дополнительно Кондиционер | DVD | Туристический салон
 Заказать  +38 050 021 21 21

We offer you to use premium bus rental services

You are invited to rent buses up to 75 passenger seats in Kharkov for passenger transportation throughout Ukraine, as well as to Europe and the CIS. Also, we provide comfortable buses MAN, NEOPLAN, VANHUL and SETRA for transporting children and provide sightseeing services in Kharkov and the region. International bus transportation from Kharkov is carried out on the basis of a preliminary reservation. Long-distance transportation of passengers is possible on the day of circulation, in the presence of free transport.

The price is determined depending on the season, make and model of transport, number of seats.

Being in this market since 2008 and at the moment we are one of the largest representatives in this industry.

We know exactly the needs of our customers and always work harmoniously and responsibly with all our partners.

You can verify this by contacting us by the phone number listed on the site.
Or by ordering a call back to contact the specialists of our company. Call me!

We work with well-known travel agencies, sports institutions, provide transport with various cultural events in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, and also cooperate with many large companies in Ukraine.

For you comfortable passenger buses equipped with all amenities for highly comfortable trips at any distance.

10 reasons to order a bus from us

  • Not intermediaries. Our own fleet of buses MAN, NEOPLAN, SETRA, VAN HOOL, MERCEDES allows us to form the cost of rent, offering customers fair and favorable rates;
  • More than 10 years in the market. During this time, we managed to earn a reputation as a reliable partner and leader in the field of passenger transportation;
  • Preferential offers for new customers, a special offer is valid when ordering buses for more than 150 hours / month – minus 50 UAH from every hour;
  • Availability of the Glonass system, tachograph and seat belts. These factors will protect you from unforeseen situations and increase the level of calm;
  • Modern facilities. We use only new buses equipped with climate control, a bio-toilet, a refrigerator and other amenities;
  • We control the accepted applications. Your order is stored in a reliable CRM system, so we definitely won’t “lose” the data on it;
  • Regular inspection. The status of all buses is checked by authorized dealers and, in addition, is additionally tested before each departure. This allows to reduce to zero the risk of breakage during the flight;
  • Information support at any time. We work seven days a week and around the clock, and a team of 8 dispatchers is engaged in call processing – you can always get through quickly.
  • Extra-class drivers. A staff of drivers with a trouble-free experience of at least 10 years, who have confirmed their qualifications and undergo a medical examination in a timely manner.
  • Insurance by law. We are responsible for the life, health and property of passengers.

Do you prefer to travel in comfort or maybe you have a cultural event planned (wedding, sightseeing, competition, traveling to another city or even abroad, a business trip, meeting guests and transferring them)?

For you – our new tourist buses!

During the trip you will feel as comfortable as possible, since the equipment provided is equipped with everything necessary for long trips: toilet, air conditioning, refrigerator, DVD, as well as additional heating and a kitchenette.

Do you want to meet business partners or potential customers from the airport, driving up to them in a luxury car?

Here you can pick up any T / S presented to the fleet.

You can be absolutely sure that the ordered transport will be delivered to you exactly at the specified address at the right time, because the main distinguishing feature of our employees is punctuality and a high level of professionalism.

Your comfort and safety above all

Customer safety is above all for us, which is why every car, before leaving, undergoes a mandatory technical inspection and, if necessary, maintenance by auto mechanics, from a reliable, certified service.

If you need specialist advice, use the “Request a call” section.
Within a few minutes, our manager will contact you, who will advise in detail on all issues, as well as help you choose the vehicle that is ideal for your situation.

Place an order for a bus rental in Kharkov – call the phone number indicated on the website or fill out the “On-Line Application”.