Borispol – Adler

The site StarBus has the current bus schedule from Borispol to Adler In 2021 the year from the stops: Borispol gas station Wog from Borispol to Adler that arrive at the stops: Adler ostanovka Lavrova from Borispol to Adler . Bus departure times at 15:40. Average travel time: 32hour 15minutes. Carriers serving the bus route Borispol - Adler: DTrans.

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Borispol - Adler


Ride: 1001 Kyiv AS-Adler ostanovka Lavrova
Carrier: LUX-TRANS / DTrans



Borispol gas station Wog, WOG gas station 34 km of the highway Kiev-Kharkov
Adler ostanovka Lavrova, ulitsa Lenina
32 h 15 min
Цена: 2300.00 грн

Bus from Borispol to Adler

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How do I find all the information about the bus route?

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