Lease and order of buses for excursions in Kharkov

Lease and order of buses for excursions in Kharkov

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Rental of tourist buses, minibuses and minivans for excursions – Kharkov and region.

Price and tariffs for passenger transportation in Kharkov ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rent a sightseeing bus. Tariffs:

Type of bus  Sprinter / Vario  Bogdan / IVAN  MAN / NEOPLAN  VAN Hool / SETRA
 Number of seats  to 30  to 40  to 50  to 61
 City Price (4+2)  from 300 UAH / hour  from 500 UAH / hour  from 600 UAH / hour  from 800 UAH / hour
 Price out of town  from 8 UAH / km  from 15 UAH / km  from 20 UAH / km  from 25 UAH / km
 Extra Air conditioning | DVD | Multimedia | Tourist salon Multimedia Air conditioning | DVD | Multimedia | Tourist Salon | Restroom Air conditioning | DVD | Multimedia | Tourist Salon | Toilet | Mini-kitchen
 Booking  +38 050 021 21 21  050 021 21 21  +38 050 021 21 21  +38 050 021 21 21

Tour Bus Rental places in Kharkov

For travel companies operating in Kharkov and the region, as well as anyone who wants it, Star Bus AUTO offers its buses and minibuses as tour tours. All buses are equipped with microphones for guides and companions. The vehicles are in excellent condition, comfortable seats and large panoramic windows. Exact observance of the tour schedule. Drivers with work experience of 10 years or more. Bank transfer and cash. Travel abroad is possible.

Sightseeing buses in Ukraine

A large number of bus rental orders come from:

  • various travel companies in Kharkov and the region. The employees of these companies strive to provide the most comfortable service for their sightseeing tours not only in the city, but also in the country and abroad.
  • pilgrimage groups going to holy places
  • schools, other educational institutions, whose leaders have long collaborated with us
  • organizations for corporate parties
  • sports teams going to competitions
  • specialized schools traveling to festivals, competitions, performances.

Tourist routes and sea flights from Kharkov

The most popular routes, well-known and organized, are carried out by highly qualified drivers. Travel agencies take out groups on our buses and minibuses in the summer to the sea coasts:

In winter, people actively seek Bukovel ski resort. Travel agencies place an order for a bus for excursions. We provide regular customers with good discounts and bonuses.
Often our buses serve excursions to Kiev and Lviv, as well as to the Pochaev Lavra. Summer excursions to the Carpathians and sending groups for hiking in the mountains – also takes place with the participation of our company.
Regular tours of Kharkov and excursions to certain historical places of the city are carried out regularly with the help of our cars. And we take excursions to Sofievsky Park in Uman with enviable regularity.
In summer, we often send buses and vans with groups hurrying to rafting along the Southern Bug.

Автобусы на море

Sightseeing buses

The huge windows on the buses allow you to view the surroundings floating behind the glass without interference. Air conditioners make it possible to comfortably move around the country without experiencing heat and stuffiness. Soft seats are equipped with seat belts. For lovers of movies, televisions work, there is a large film library. Music fans on the go can always listen to their favorite tunes. All tour buses are equipped with microphones for the guide or accompanying person.

Заказ автобуса для экскурсии

Lease of excursion buses for a trip abroad

Our company can rent a bus for excursions abroad. Buses for international flights are equipped with everything necessary for a long trip:

  1. Comfortable seats with adjustable backrests and seat belts
  2. Mini toilets
  3. Air conditioners
  4. TVs with a wide selection of films
  5. Audio system for listening to your favorite songs
  6. Microphones

Drivers operating international flights have the necessary documents and visas. Their services are included in the rental price of sightseeing buses. To travel abroad requires a large package of documents. Our company draws up the necessary paper as soon as possible.

Transport is checked regularly for serviceability of the main units and nodes. Before each flight, a thorough inspection of the car is also carried out. The driver is undergoing a medical examination.
A minor minus of the bus excursions can be considered unforeseen circumstances on the road, which can lead to being late at the appointed time of the excursion or arriving at the hotel for check-in.

Аренда туристических автобусов